Are you a manipulator?

Assertiveness is one thing – manipulation another.“Assertiveness is one thing – manipulation another.”

Many women believe that to be assertive you must be manipulative. If this holds true, then assertiveness actually becomes aggression.

Recognize that being assertive isn’t about being controlling. It simply means expressing your wishes in an appropriate, effective way, while maintaining the respect for others.

Keep in mind that assertiveness requires communication, negotiation and compromise.  When you treat others with respectful assertiveness, you gain their respect  in return. Try it!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I treat others with respectful assertiveness.


  1. Shirley says

    I was a manipulator for a lot of my life. It was a coping mechanism. But I’m an adult now and at 60 years old realize I no longer need to be manipulative. It still slips in there because it’s habit. If you give respect you will get respect if the other person is capable of giving it. Some honestly aren’t capable and if we realize that then we can adjust accordingly. We can only be a doormat if we allow other people to wipe their feet on us.

  2. Mary says

    I’ve learned about being assertive and about being a manipulator. A person I thought was a friend was actually a manipularor and actually mean. I stay clear of her now.

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