Make Yourself Irresistible

make your irresistible“Confidence is sexy.”

Think about what you find attractive in others and chances are that looks are not number one on your list. Self-confidence is their most attractive feature. In fact, confidence is not only attractive, it’s downright irresistible!

Let’s face it – that’s great news!

It means you can be sexy without spending a fortune on designer wardrobes or expensive hairdressers. All you need is confidence, which is available without a price tag.

It’s something that shines from within when you believe in yourself. And it’s glow shines brighter than diamonds in your eyes and in your smile.

Show the world how hopeful and confident you are about your life and your future. You’ll be sexy without even trying!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am a confident woman!


  1. Andria Burlen says

    Hi Jane I look forward to your words of wisdom each day. I am a single mom of two and been divorce for about nine years. and you know what ? with in the last nine years I have grown up a lot I have build a lot of self esteem and confidence in myself .it took a while but I did it and I relish in every moment of it. I know what you are talking about and it feels good. I can go to salvation army or walmart and buy me an outfit put it on and walk with a spring in my steps and a smile on my face and you would think I have been to saks fifth avenue or was walking down a fashion runway in Paris or New York .it is a good feeling and I love it. The key for me was first letting go of all the negative thoughts about myself ,loving me just as I was with my faults weight and all, and than going through the process of changing what ( I , ME, and MYSELF) did not like about myself, not what other people did not like, not my children , not my family not my ex husband etc… it was about me and nobody else . I took it to the lord in prayer first than took a step at a time.I am still going through that process, sometimes it is not easy but I do not allowed negative thoughts into my head and I learn from positive women like you .have a nice day looking forward to tomorrow mediation.

  2. Gunel says

    Dear Jane, thank you for your articles and meditation:) They are undescribably useful, they helped to change my life…Thnk you again.

  3. janeL says

    confidence is about trusting Ure instinct and following Ure intutition.
    I found a Man like I have never met before. All happened so unexpectedly and we were both amazed….I thought I had nothing to lose so told him that even if we just saw the one time he would be the Man of my life!! thats 3 years ago and our feelings have just grown deeper and still I think he is the Man of my life.
    Trust Ureself cos no one will do that 4 U.
    Dare cos no one will do that 4 U.
    Be Ureself cos Ure special and one of a kind….

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