Get Toxic People Out of Your Life

learn how to get rid of the naysayers in your life

“You’re at your best in a supportive environment.”

A significant part of your environment is the people you spend time with. These people have a huge impact on you and your decisions. That is precisely why you need to be sure you surround yourself with those who support you and your ambitions.

Do your best to avoid people who belittle your enthusiasm, put you down or try to squash your dreams. Do your best to seek out those that support your goals and share your infectious energy.

Surround yourself with positive people. When you combine that with both positive energy and attitude, you can’t help but soar.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am surrounded by people who are positive and want the best for me.


  1. Donna says

    I think this is a good and important meditation and I also think the reader should expound upon this with not just “surrounding ourselves with supporting individuals” but to also and more importantly BE one of those supporting individuals in other’s lives. It’s nice and helpful to be with others who encourage and support us, but we should also support and encourage others and be positive influences in their lives. Not for any expectation of them, simply it is the right thing for us to do. Just my thoughts.

    • Bettie Wallace says

      I have been so inspired by your daily meditations. As soon as I sit down at my desk and sign in to my computer and emails, I look to see what nugget of inspiration is waiting for me through your meditations.

      Its so ironic, but every day, I can see something for the way I am feeling at that particular time as I read them.. You are a blessing, please continue to inspire women as we journey through this life with so many ups and downs.

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