Lift this Heavy Burden

Stress free living comes with this.“You cannot change anyone but yourself.”

When people don’t live up to your expectations, it’s not unusual to feel responsible for changing their behavior, especially if they are close to you. You may try and try – but when you don’t succeed, you end up feeling depressed and like a failure.

Changing another person can be a frustrating, impossible goal. Realize that people only change when they want to. Changing someone else is not your job!

When you put yourself in the position of controlling the uncontrollable you place a heavy burden on yourself. Not only do you feel weighted down, but you use up tremendous amounts of energy in this pursuit.

Instead, channel your focus toward things that you can control, such as yourself. It’s a much more peaceful and productive way to live.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation:
I put energy into things I can control.


  1. ninya says

    this affirmation puts a smile on my worried face wahaha..i love it. i feel blessed to have read this one =) thank you jane..

  2. june h says

    Right on!!! My husband has been in declining health for months now, and I have tried to get him to eat more, drink more water, and get some exercise, but he just refuses and continues sitting in his chair. I have now graduated to the “acceptance” part of this, and am letting him do what makes him comfortable to do – it will play out as it should. He has plenty of medicines and medical care. I can do no more to encourage him to help himself. Sometimes you have to let each person live their life or die as they wish. It comes from within them, which is a place you can never visit or alter or control. Now I have to get myself back into a better situation and do things that make me feel happy. Will start today. Thanks for the great meditation. Perfect for this moment in time.

  3. Rosa says

    Jane, it is not possible for me to reduce your comments as being “just a reminder”. They are more than that, far more. Today’s comment gave a firmly anchored support that came just in time. Thanks again for being an angel of mercy, and a vehicle of positive change.

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