Resolve Family Conflicts

Resolve Family Conflicts“If you have unresolved family conflicts, lay them to rest.”

When it comes to family, we all tend to carry unpleasant memories with us throughout our lives. If this goes unchanged we can become bitter and resentful.

If you have deep family issues that are hard to forgive and forget, make today the day you move forward. Put them behind you and try to be more positive about the time you have now. You cannot change the bad things that have happened to you, but you can choose to stop letting them control you.

Life is too short to carry grudges that separate you from those people that you want near and dear to your heart.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: My family conflicts are resolved.


  1. julia says

    An individual I loved deeply, but who chose to withdraw his love when I needed him the most, and then filed for divorce, weLL, I’m trying to work with him off CamErA so to speak, but I’m not going to apologize for something I had NO CONTROL oVeR, I’ll be KIND and I’ve already ForGiven HIM, but I’m not going to BEG him to Work with ME outside of the SyStem, if He’s TOO Good to Work with ME, or if He’s just going to Punch ME in my hEART agAin,,EmotionaLLy, I can’t Take IT! I’ve tried to contact him twice, with no response I give UP NoW..;~)) My Life is too short to be worried about his thoughts, when I HAVE a Life and Journey in which to get going ON..

  2. Nancy Duffee says

    I am a licensed mental health counselor and while I think it’s important for those who are “hurt” by family issues to let go of their emotional connection to whatever has transpired, I strongly disagree with putting the responsibility of “resolving” a family conflict on the person who has been hurt. If you are from or have truly toxic dynamics in your family–such as many have suggested on this post–setting boundaries on those people is important for one’s own health. Nothing wrong with staying completely away from family members who cause incredible with Camille 100%!

    • Felicia Byrd says

      I totally agree with Nancy you can forgive but it’s hard dealing with that person that hurt me in my space…..all I have for you is llllooooonnnngggg distance family love for you. I ask rather PRAY to the LORD if I am wrong please so me the right way.

  3. Mary says

    I wish I could have resolved to make-up with my father who left our family to start a new one and raise another woman’s child. My father was very abusive and mean so I didn’t go to his funeral. It’s still hard to take also that he left when I was about eight years old.

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