Claim What’s Rightfully Yours

personal power“Claim your personal power.”

When you are in touch with your personal power, you’re confident, decisive, focused, purposeful, energetic and empowered.

Sounds great, but truthfully how often do you feel like this? Personal power or lack of it is created by you and you alone. You decrease your power by blaming others or external forces for your misfortunes. Why give up what is rightfully yours?

Claim your personal power today! Try not to blame outside forces for disappointments. Don’t wait for others to change their behavior, instead choose to change your response. Stand strong and refuse to be a victim. You can do it!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am in touch with my personal power.


  1. PASTOR Akinkahunsi Raphael Oluwalambe says

    As you go about claiming personal power ensure to pray for divine wisdom, patience and ability to built up good relationship that will overhaul your journey in life. Thanks for this revelation and wishes you God blessing in Jesus name, Amen. Shalom

  2. says

    000hohoo… This is powerful..this quote just ,positively,reminds me of ,who ,im,what im about,and most importantly,what my goals are.. Yes,i must stay intouch with my personal powers.Thank you jane,remain Blessed.

  3. Kay says

    Another great affirmation, as always. One of the fulfilling things about your message is that our power must be renewed everyday. Everyday I am going to look in the mirror and tell myself that “You are important and your voice matters.” Thanks again for the inspiration.

  4. says

    What an important reminder, thank you! Looking back, I can see how I was “conditioned” to being a victim without even thinking about it, from a troubled mother who considered everything was done TO her and wore the mantle of ‘victim’ almost as a badge of honor. Without even thinking about it, I went on to do the same thing in my relationships and career; everything was done TO me and I didn’t believe I could change my ‘fate.’ When I finally began to realize that I was actually handing off my power to everyone else (heck, they didn’t even have to ask!), I began to shift my thinking and guard my personal power much more carefully. I’m far from having perfected this skill; but thankfully, I’m learning to stop and think about it before just handing off my soul and personal power. Thank you Jane!

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