What’s the Best Career for You?

best career for you“The best career is one with meaning.”

To be truly happy in your career you need to find the right kind of work for you. Not something you think you should do or something somebody else wants you to do.

Some women like to lead, others prefer to follow, some are independent and others prefer to be part of a team. There is no right or wrong. Ask yourself, “What feels right for me?” “How can I use my unique and natural talents?” “How can I bring out the best in myself and provide it to others as a service?”

Dare to take the steps toward finding your own true path by answering the questions above. You’ll discover what comes naturally and what activities make you the happiest.

Best of all, you’ll feel genuine satisfaction and pride when you spend your days doing something you value.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I spend my days doing what I value.


  1. Azara says

    “What feels right for me?” “How can I use my unique and natural talents?” How can I bring out the best in myself and provide it to others as a service?” I have struggled with these questions for sometime now and I despair because I don’t think that I possess any unique or natural talent. Yet I totally believe that the best career is the one that you enjoy so much you would do it regardless of money… I’m currently a stay home mom, maybe this is my calling.

  2. says

    This post is very inspiring. Every day, I thank the Lord for providing me with the career I truly love. I feel so blessed to work in a job that calls for creativity and enhances my skills in the industry I have chosen. I worked in a different industry for half a decade and it was never fulfilling. Now that I’ve found my niche and honing it, I feel so empowered and found self-worth. As a result, my self-confidence has become more solid and I am grateful for having the opportunity to know myself better.

    I hope other women may find that one thing they love to do for the rest of their lives and I hope they find it soon enough. And when they do, I hope they stay hungry for betterment and constantly challenge themselves.

  3. says

    Wow, it was so nice to read these words even though I already live my life according to this belief. As a single mother, I chose to devote myself to being there for my son; a brilliant and wonderful child struggling with ADHD, instead of delegating him to others whom I felt would’ve ruined him. The price to pay for that choice was to not go after leadership positions that would’ve demanded too much of my time and energy or that had high turnover rates (threatening my much needed security and stability).

    It doesn’t matter how many times I explain that to people who want/demand to know why I haven’t achieved more in my career when to them I am so “brilliant.” Those people believe in the “you can have it all” myth.

    I am quite happy with my choices but people’s judgments can sometimes be demoralizing, especially when it’s someone I care about and respect. Reading these words was very encouraging. Thank you!

  4. Bella says

    Janelle, anything that keep you active with the kids is a bonus, all too soon the kids are grown and on their own, remember to take time for MOM have fun!

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